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Partition Lawyer California understands the unique needs associated with partition actions. Our partition attorneys are highly skilled in ending co-ownership disputes throughout California. With decades of experience handling joint ownership disagreements, our attorneys can help you achieve a favorable outcome in your partition case.

Our partition attorneys are experienced real estate litigators with expertise in fields related to partition, including business, contracts, bankruptcy, inheritance, trusts, probate, family law, and domestic partnerships.

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Partition Lawyer California was founded by Attorney Scott Talkov of Talkov Law Corp. Scott believes that partition lawsuits require the expertise of a dedicated team of partition attorneys with the skill to bring about a more favorable and efficient resolution.

Partition Lawyer California has handled dozens of partition actions throughout California. Our attorneys want, first and foremost, to protect your rights and interest in your property. We will negotiate and try to come to a fair resolution and, when this approach is no longer feasible, our attorneys are also experienced litigators in court.

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Our partition attorneys

Partition Lawyer California Scott Talkov

Scott Talkov

Founder and Lead Partition Attorney

Scott Talkov founded Partition Lawyer California to focus on partition actions in the state after over a decade practicing real estate law. Scott was previously the youngest partner at one of the region’s oldest real estate law firms before deciding to start his own firm. He graduated cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. Scott has been published in the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal of the American Bar Association , the California Real Property Journal of the State Bar of California, and the LA Lawyer published by the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Partition Lawyer California Nick Moss

Nick Moss

Partition Attorney

Nick Moss represents Partition Lawyer California’s clients with partition and related business issues. Nick graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law where he specialized in business law and served as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Law & Technology and was the recipient of the American College of Mortgage Attorneys.

Partition Lawyer California Chris Kiernan

Chris Kiernan

Partition Attorney

Chris Kiernan has experience in both partition actions as well as related debt and bankruptcy issues. He has been practicing real estate law since his graduation from Emory University School of Law where he served as a managing editor on the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal. Chris began his real estate law career by practicing alongside Scott Talkov at one of the oldest real estate firms in the area. Since then, he has been working with Scott and clients alike to resolve partition and bankruptcy issues.

Partition Lawyer California Ferdeza Zekiri

Ferdeza Zekiri

Partition Attorney

Ferdeza Zekiri serves Partition Lawyer California’s clients with their partition and related trust, estate, and probate issues. Ferdeza graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law after serving as the Managing Editor of the UCLA School of Law’s Journal of Environmental Law & Policy.

Restraining Order and Family Law Lawyer California Colleen Sparks

Colleen Talkov

Family Attorney

Colleen Talkov is an experienced family law attorney who assists Partition Attorney California clients with marital property, custody, and restraining order issues that arise in partition cases. Colleen graduated from California Southern Law School and has been practicing as an attorney since 2015.

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